Sep 08 2015

Onboarding: 3 Reasons You Should Treat Employees like Customers

When we're selling to customers, we try to determine everything they'll want. After all, if we make the sale, they’ll keep coming back for more. Customer loyalty is huge in a competitive market. Tying down any loose ends and connecting on every level helps your organization achieve success. Looking for the same results with your employees? Striving for a higher level of engagement? Deeper level of loyalty? Off the charts creativity?

Serve your employees the way you serve your customers.

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Aug 25 2015

Jump Start Your Onboarding with These Tips from Universities

When I went to university I arrived without knowing a soul. That’s not how it works anymore. Smart universities have realized that they can get a head start on onboarding long before a new student reaches campus. Not surprisingly, the key to this is social media.

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Jul 29 2015

3 Huge Benefits of Building Virtual “Water Coolers”

One of the aims of any well-planned onboarding program is ensuring that new hires forge connections with existing employees. This paves the way for effective working relationships. It also, in a very human way, reinforces the company culture, as current employees will demonstrate the values, beliefs, and behaviors embedded within the organization. Here’s how you can make sure employees develop lasting connections when they start their new job.

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Feb 10 2015

8 Tips to Enhance Your Company's Millennial Onboarding Process

These days, company loyalty from a Millennial is as rare as getting a phone call from a Millennial. However, your organization’s onboarding process could be the differentiator needed to solidify Millennial loyalty once and for all.

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Nov 11 2014

Launching a Successful Onboarding Initiative: How to incorporate technology and measure ROI

In “Onboarding from Scratch,” HR Cloud’s first in a series of onboarding white papers, we presented our latest thinking on the why and how organizations are using a formal onboarding initiative to gain impressive and important benefits related to improving the longevity of new hires as well as increasing the efficiency of the recruiting process. An effective onboarding program will have a bottom line impact and will result in newly hired employees becoming productive sooner.

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Oct 30 2014

Onboarding from Scratch: Grasping Onboarding Benefits and Best Practices

ONBOARDING, QUITE SIMPLY, is bringing a newly hired employee “on board.” However, as simple as that sounds, a lot of effort, planning and interdepartmental collaboration is needed to accomplish the end result. Onboarding, if done right, leads to early productivity, excitement, and increased engagement of new hires. Not only that, onboarding makes new employees comfortable in their work environment and cognizant of collegial relationships and assignments and how they matter to overall company objectives.

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Sep 16 2014

How to Integrate Culture into Your Onboarding Strategy

Onboarding can be quite busy and overwhelming for a new hire. Many will say that HR should focus on getting forms and requirements completed and not worry so much about how a new employee “fits in to the culture” on the very first day. However, no matter how much needs to be discussed, culture should be incorporated into every aspect of the onboarding activities.

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Jul 22 2014

5 Things to Avoid When Onboarding Employees

So often we find ourselves trying to perfect the recruiting process—trying to attract the right talent at the right time for the right job. We spend vast amounts of effort, money, and resources getting candidates in the door and converting them to new hires so much so that we forget about them once they start. If done incorrectly, onboarding can be a bad experience…like throwing cold water on that warm, fuzzy feeling you worked hard to create.

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Jun 11 2014

Who is Involved in Onboarding a New Hire?

When we hear the word “onboarding,” many people think, “It’s what HR does to bring someone new in to the company.” In fact, if you ask most managers about the onboarding process, they generally believe it is HR’s responsibility and that it involves paperwork, benefit forms, parking passes, etc. But onboarding is so much more than just filling out a few forms. It’s a consistent process that occurs on a daily basis and continues far beyond the typical 30, 60, or even 90 days.

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Jun 03 2014

Why HR Should Incorporate Company Brand with Recruiting and Onboarding

Tying your company brand to the recruiting process will help strengthen the onboarding experience and increase employee engagement. Here are 3 ways to get started:

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May 27 2014

3 Best Practices for Onboarding Remote Employees

Trying to onboard remote employees but struggling to maintain continuity? Do you find that corporate based employees are more loyal and engaged, while those that telecommute experience less job satisfaction and have higher exit rates? A successful onboarding program will help link your remote employee to the office by providing tools and communication to ensure accountability, productivity, and engagement.

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May 19 2014

Onboarding: Whose Job is it Anyway?

When contemplating the onboarding process for new employees, it’s common to think the responsibility resides solely in the domain of the HR department.

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May 13 2014

Onboarding: Joining the Culture Club

Your company culture is unique. It’s the ecosystem, the DNA, and the lifeblood that courses through the veins of your organizational body. Culture is the living, breathing and forever-morphing embodiment of how stuff gets done at your place of business; it’s the traditions, norms, attitudes, and the supported and/or reinforced behaviors of your employees.

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Apr 23 2014

Promoting Workplace Etiquette to Millennials: The Role of Onboarding

HR professionals of today often find new grad hires struggling to fit in to the company’s professional environment. When this happens, is it HR’s responsibility to teach professionalism?

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Apr 01 2014

Using Onboarding to Create Mission-ready Employees

We often view technology as something that helps HR deliver benefits, process paperwork, and track applicants. It streamlines the transactional and just makes things easier, more manageable. But, did you know, it can also strengthen the ties that bind your employees to the organization?

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Oct 23 2013

Enhance the New-Hire Onboarding Experience with Gamification

You fall asleep at night thinking about all of those HR terms that keep you busy: immigration reform, onboarding, building the candidate pipeline, performance management, and compensation analysis. Let me add one more…gamification. Another box to check on your long list of HR responsibilities? Well, if implemented correctly, gamification can change the way you do HR.

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