Dec 04 2015

Millennial Engagement at the Speed of a Facebook “Like”

Lying dormant inside the managers of Millennials is a super power that HR needs to know about. It’s one that encourages leaps and bounds in productivity across a team. 
What is this super power?

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Jul 21 2015

How Multitasking is Thwarting Your Productivity

What do leprechauns, the lock-ness monster, and multitasking all have in common? They’re all myths. Your colleague can’t multitask, you can’t one can. Even the tech-savvy, multi-device-juggling Millennials can't multitask. Yet on a daily basis we cling to the multitasking myth as we work across multiple devices and systems trying to squeeze more productivity out of our day.

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Jun 02 2015

How to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

A group that owns several restaurants and pubs recently embarked on an initiative to train employees. But these employees weren’t going to be trained like everyone else. They were going to be trained to be brand ambassadors. Here's how.

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May 26 2015

4 Ways to Move Millennials from Underemployed to Hyper-Utilized

Most managers who see an empty chair at a Millennial’s desk or see them sinking a lot of time into social media while on the job would chalk the behavior up to lazy or lack of focus. I, on the other hand, would say it’s because the Millennial is underemployed.

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Mar 17 2015

5 Aspects of Games to Leverage for Increased Millennial Engagement & Retention

Do you track your American Express points, your frequent flyer miles, Fitbit steps, Weight Watcher points, or your LinkedIn profile strength bar? If so, you have fallen victim to being engaged through gamification. But it’s okay because as humans we are wired to play games. Have you ever thought to harness the power of gaming to engage your Millennial employees?

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Feb 10 2015

8 Tips to Enhance Your Company's Millennial Onboarding Process

These days, company loyalty from a Millennial is as rare as getting a phone call from a Millennial. However, your organization’s onboarding process could be the differentiator needed to solidify Millennial loyalty once and for all.

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Jan 06 2015

6 Millennial Retention Strategies to Adopt in 2015

It’s no secret that more and more Millennials are hopping from one career to another. In fact, 91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job less than 3 years (Forbes) and the cost of replacing a Millennial employee ranges from $15,000 - $20,000. (Millennial Branding) Needless to say, retaining the right Millennial talent has never been more crucial.

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Aug 12 2014

5 Tips for Teaching Managers How to Interview Millennials

Interviewing an experienced professional may seem fairly straightforward; however the opposite is true for interviewing millennials.

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Apr 23 2014

Promoting Workplace Etiquette to Millennials: The Role of Onboarding

HR professionals of today often find new grad hires struggling to fit in to the company’s professional environment. When this happens, is it HR’s responsibility to teach professionalism?

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Nov 06 2013

4 Strategies for Motivating Millennials

What is a Millennial and how are we all supposed to get along in the workplace?

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Oct 16 2013

Chicken Soup for Millennial Retention

If your company is employing millennials, this means you’ve successfully wooed them with a laundry list that starts with career opportunities aligned with personal goals, and a brand of curiosity with a proven track record of internal hiring. Congratulations. Now, how will you keep them there?

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