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We’re proud of our HR Cloud team. So, we’re putting the spotlight on the people who make HR Cloud possible.  

Meet Owen. You might recognize him from the chat box on our website or some of our social posts. That’s because he’s not just a sales representative here at HR Cloud: he’s also our go-to model and actor. But really, he’s actually an actor. Keep reading to learn more about Owen. He’s a character.


What do you do at HR Cloud?

I’m a sales representative and I write copy/content. I’m also the resident thespian and I’ve been in a few of our ads.

What do you like about working at HR Cloud?

As a team, we’re really good at balancing work and relaxation. It took some getting used to, being from Ohio and having lived in New York for a while. Both the Midwest and the East Coast have a tendency to white knuckle and double espresso through their workday. It’s been very grounding to work at a place that associates calm with focus, rather than calm with laziness.


Where did your acting career begin? Should we expect to see you in Hollywood films or Broadway shows?

Ha! Well, that’s the idea, right?

I always loved theater as a kid. Fun fact, Cleveland is a pretty big theater town, so my grandmother would take me to see Oklahoma when I was younger. I did stage crew all through high school and it wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I finally stepped on stage. It was actually my girlfriend at the time who saw a flyer in the student union and convinced me to try out. I got cast and ended up asking myself why the hell I hadn’t been doing this my whole life? I got the acting bug BAD and ended up studying theater in New York after graduating with a journalism degree.


What is your favorite book?
Some formative authors in my life: Aldous Huxley, Douglas Adams, HP Lovecraft, Jonathan Stroud, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.

What I’m reading right now: a collection of Ursula Le Guin novellas and David Graeber’s Debt: The First Five Thousand Years.


What is your favorite song?
I don’t pick favorites much because I listen to a LOT of music, but Boards of Canada has always stuck with me. “Dayvan Cowboy” can pretty much always bring me out of a grey mood.


When you’re not at HR Cloud, what are you doing?

Depends on the day. Doing the acting thing, whether actually acting or just talking to myself in my apartment or car. I read a ton, typically while wired out of my gourd on cold brew at my local late night coffee shop (s/o the Bourgeois Pig!). I also see a lot of live music. Recently, I’ve been an enormous warehouse techno geek so I’m usually, er, dancing in warehouses. It’s a lot less creepy than it sounds. Finally, anyone that’s gotten a few drinks in me knows that I have a draw towards the esoteric and I’m happy to announce that I’m starting a podcast with a friend of mine on the subject! Keep your eyes peeled!


We love memes at HR Cloud. If you had to choose one that relates to you the most, what would it be?





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